The team behind Manx Rally Radio


Manx Rally Radio is a product of the Manx Rally Media brand and is hoped to be another successful addition to the product range.

The two men behind Manx Rally Media and renowned local motorsport reporter Chris Boyde and regular rally co-driver and occasional reporter Rob Fagg, both based in the Isle of Man. After providing media coverage of local rally events for many years to both radio stations as well as other media outlets, including Motorsport News, the pair had an idea to provide recorded audio from events which could be listened to from the internet both at home and on the latest Smartphone technology.

Using very simple technology, Chris and Rob provided their first coverage on the 2010 Pokerstars Stages, interviewing crews at the end of stages as well as providing a end of stage report accessible from a dedicated internet site. This was well received not just by the local rallying community who could pick up and listen to the reports, but also off island interested parties as well as the local radio stations who could easily drop these audio clips into news bulletins.

Recently due to Rob's commitments competing on local events, the coverage has not been possible to the high standard set previously, until now with the birth of Manx Rally Radio.

Following the initial idea of developing the station and working on the back of the success of the highly popular World Rally Radio, Chris and Rob have developed and there own product capable of providing live on event coverage streamed straight onto the web, with a lot less manual work than the previous method required.

The new product will allow them to operate much more flexibly and allow listener to remain in constant touch utilising already existing and common Smartphone apps.

Despite the product been in it's relative infancy, interest has already been expressed in using the on event coverage side by a major UK based event.

As well as Chris and Rob, local Radio DJ and Motorsport Cameraman James Proudfoot, a.k.a JP, also joins the team and will be an active member of the proposed Manx Rally Media Show and hopefully when time permits the on event coverage. Despite not having a vast rally knowledge, JP is an excellent presenter with years of experience and a strong motorsport interest in all forms from F1 to the famous Isle of Man TT. JP has provided coverage for Isle of Man based rally events in conjunction with Chris and together recently hosted the Launch Party for Rally Isle of Man.

The plan is to announce a fourth member to the team in the near future.